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You may have stumbled upon our site in your search for solutions to a personal infertility crisis. Perhaps you’ve struggled to conceive and don’t know why. Perhaps you’ve been officially diagnosed with one or more disorders that are causing infertility. Perhaps you’ve even tried a number of infertility treatments to no avail. If any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Infertility is a growing problem, and many couples are finding themselves unable to conceive naturally for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s the male partner, and sometimes it’s the female – but wherever the cause lies, infertility can cause a lot of frustration, stress and heartache.

While there are numerous treatment options offered by modern medicine, these treatments are often extremely expensive – putting conventional treatment well beyond the means of many couples. Even those who have tried the conventional route have often found treatments to be a hit-and-miss process.

Our goal here is to provide you with some of the best natural resources on the market today. We have found that when it comes to the complex science of fertility, often the natural route brings the greatest results. Thanks to the research of experts like Lisa Olson and other pioneers in the field of natural medicine, hopeful parents now have enormous resources at their disposal in their quest for fertility.

Here at Infertility Cures, we tackle some of the most prevalent causes of infertility, and we present our findings in the hopes of helping couples like you to achieve the dream of bearing children. In the following pages, you will uncover answers to some common problems and questions regarding infertility. Some of these topics include:

Male Infertility Issues and Treatments

Most men naturally assume that they’ll be able to have children when they’re ready. Unfortunately, a growing number of men are struggling with disorders that prevent conception. There are a number of conditions that may be responsible for male infertility. These may be caused by something as simple as constricting clothing, or they may be far more complex. Some of the most common causes include:


– Low sperm motility

Obstructed reproductive tract

– Hormone deficiencies

Female Infertility Issues and Treatments

When it comes to the female partner, infertility is even more complex. Far more has to be in order for conception to take place. Not only must the woman be ovulating properly, she must also have viable eggs, clear fallopian tubes, and a healthy reproductive system. Because of this, over 30 percent of infertility problems can be attributed to the woman.

Some of the most prevalent causes of female infertility include:



Ovulation problems

– Poor egg quality

Unexplained Infertility

This has got to be the most discouraging diagnosis when a couple is trying to conceive. Because the science of reproduction is so complex, sometimes physicians simply cannot pinpoint the source of infertility. When the root cause of infertility cannot be explained, conventional treatment is largely a trial-and-error process.

Conventional Treatments for Infertility

Science has made great strides, and there are quite a number of techniques and treatments available to couples trying to conceive. These include in-vitro fertilization, frozen embryo transfer, hormone treatments, and at times, surgery. Here at Infertility Cures, we discuss the various options available to you, financial assistance for treatment, and the alternatives to conventional medicine.

Natural Remedies for Infertility

Of course, we are ultimately offering guidance to natural fertility and conception. We discuss all aspects of natural healing, including diet, herbal treatments, lifestyle changes, and much more. We also offer the invaluable resource of Lisa Olson’s book “Pregnancy Miracle”, which has helped many women to conceive naturally – without drugs, IVF, or other treatments.

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