Alternatives to IVF

IVF Alternatives

I first wrote this site about six months ago because I wanted to share my knowledge about infertility cures with the online public, to do what I can to perhaps alleviate even one couple from the torture of wanting to have children and being unsuccessful meanwhile. I share the pain with women are suffering from “non-specific infertility”, especially when it is curable in non-conventional ways which are less known. Or if not curable, often these alternative strategies can tip the scales in order to make conventional treatments work.

Alternatives To IVF

There’s no question that a certain percentage of people have success with IVF. So then what’s wrong, what’s my complaint?

Alternatives to IVF

I wrote more fully in other posts about alternatives to IVF. Just what bothers me is that it is a reasonably invasive procedure, and you have to prep yourself for a number of weeks with all kinds of hormonal drugs which affect the body and the personality. But the main point is that it is so expensive. The majority of visitors that I get on this site find me on searches like:

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I find it heartbreaking.

I want to go back to a previous point that I made in an earlier post, that if you are considering already IVF, than I think that you owe it to yourself to consider a natural system which has proven itself over and over again, and comes with one-on-one support from an expert in the field. And even if you have seen it before, I ask that you reconsider it. To do things in a healthy manner, and in a natural manner, you can only gain from, not lose from. It doesn’t make sense, when investigating a $12,000 investment, (and justifiably so, who wouldn’t pay $12,000 for their own baby, or even a chance at having their own baby), not to spend $30 on a resource from an expert who has proven herself and her system.

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