Male Infertility Treatment

Male Infertility – Top Ten Truths You Need To Know

In a normal healthy marriage, it is not uncommon that at the right time, the mutual love is expressed in a desire to have children and raise a family. For many, they just decide, remove any self-induced artificial obstacles, and voila. For others it doesn’t go so easy.

The problems split themselves up into two groups: Man Infertility, and Female Infertility. Infertility is defined as the non-success of conceiving after a certain time period of trying to conceive (TTC), or of not being able to bring a pregnancy to term. It is bit unfair to call the problems “infertility”, which has a certain ring of permanency, of no hope. Because many of the problems indeed have solutions, some easier and some harder, with the end result being success in conceiving and delivering a baby. This post is written to explore the realm of man infertility, the top ten truths you need to know.

Male Infertility Treatment

Why do I express myself, “you need to know”? Because the number one stumbling block for couples who need help with fertility is ignorance. Let’s discover more about these problems and their solutions. In so doing, we become more aware, informed and hopeful. Here are ten causes and treatments of man infertility that you should know more about:

Male Infertility Treatment

Amongst the most common causes of infertility among men is a blocked ejaculatory duct. When this happens, the sperm is unable to pass through to get to the egg. This can be treated by removing the blocked ducts through surgery. Advances in technology have allowed male infertility treatment experts to use micro-surgery with success.

Curing Male Infertility

Emotional stress and lifestyle has a lot to do with fertility. That is why couples who are undergoing treatment are encouraged to unload themselves of burdens from work and personal concerns. This relatively small point can go a long way to help cure male infertility.

Fertility Treatments For Men

Studies show that men who are alcoholics and smokers have a low sperm count (Quantity). Likewise, a sperm’s mobility is significantly decreased (Quality), thus, it is not able to reach the egg.

Having low sperm count can be corrected in many ways. It can be remedied by taking vitamins that help increase sperm count. You can also do some changes in your lifestyle by decreasing your alcoholic and cigarette consumption, as above. Fertility treatments for men actually include such non-invasive and non-drug remedies. Drugs and operations are not the only answer.

Other Aspects of Male Infertility

I list here for you other aspects of man infertility. Believe it or not, heat is one factor that contributes to male infertility especially when the scrotum is too close to the body.

Tight pants and underwear can also lower a man’s sperm count. Instead of using briefs, try boxer shorts.

Too much working out can have an affect on man infertility as well as Vitamin C deficiency. Experts are of the opinion that excessive working out can affect hormonal balance. Not that you shouldn’t work out, working out is actually great for your health, but in moderation.

The Korean ginseng is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine that is known for its capacity to increase sperm count and testosterone level. In addition to that, it strengthens erection during sexual contact.

Additionally, man infertility does not mean that one is not capable of conceiving. In fact, advancements in technology offer many possibilities even for conceiving babies. One possible approach is through “in vitro fertilization”, or IVF, or alternatively artificial insemination (IUI).

Regardless of its cause, most man infertility can be treated. As long as the reproductive organs are in tact, and not destroyed, there is what to shoot for. We have heard of many success stories about men overcoming their condition. While there are many available treatment options, everything begins with acceptance, eating a balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle.

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