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For many women, pregnancy just comes naturally. A growing number of couples, however, are finding themselves dealing with the unexpected complications presented by infertility. Over 7 million women worldwide struggle with infertility in some form, and the failure to conceive can be heartbreaking for these couples.

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Most couples deemed “infertile” turn to the conventional fertility treatments offered by modern medicine. Many spend thousands of dollars on hit-and-miss remedies, all in the hope of achieving that elusive pregnancy.

Lisa Olson was one of these women. After years of struggling to conceive, she had been diagnosed with infertility. Many women in this position would begin looking at alternatives like adoption; however, Lisa would not be deterred. She refused to blindly accept the diagnosis, and instead delved into the complex world of fertility in order to find a solution. At age 44, she gave birth to her first healthy child, followed by a second just a year later.

The Story of Success

So what made the difference? What enabled Lisa to conceive in spite of the diagnosis? She has shared her story and the path to her success in her book “Pregnancy Miracle”.

The Pregnancy Miracle book details an alternative to the route so often taken when tackling infertility. Rather than spending a fortune on synthetic treatments, IVF, and other modern remedies, Lisa recommends the healing powers of holistic and natural techniques and treatments. She spent years studying the science behind infertility, and has not only cured her own “infertility”, but she has helped countless other women along the way.

Lisa Olson’s approach has worked not only for women of advanced reproductive age, but also for women with a host of other fertility issues. Women with endometriosis, PCOS, ovarian cysts, and even tubal obstructions have found real solutions through implementing the information gleaned from this book. Many of these women have even undergone conventional fertility treatments, but had found little success until they began using the Pregnancy Miracle techniques.

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So what makes Lisa Olson’s methods so effective? Ultimately, so many women find success through this method because it targets infertility through a multidimensional holistic approach. Rather than applying a “band-aid” cure to the problem of infertility, Pregnancy Miracle also targets the various factors that contribute to the infertility diagnosis.

Stress, bodily balance, diet, nutrition, and overall health play a huge role in fertility, and if one or more factors are imbalanced, a couple may have trouble conceiving. Lisa Olson provides an approach that includes foods and supplements to boost fertility, techniques for cleansing the body, and methods for bringing balance, harmony and healing to the bodily systems. Through these holistic techniques, a woman’s fertility is brought to optimum levels, placing her in an ideal position to get pregnant.

Now, in this Pregnancy Miracle review, we must point out that the techniques presented in this book won’t necessarily work for everyone. Fertility is an enormously complex science, and the reasons behind infertility are numerous. While many root causes of infertility may be cured through the natural remedies and techniques presented by Lisa Olson, other disorders may be more complex and may require more extreme measures.

For the vast majority of women, however, the Pregnancy Miracle book has been just that – a miracle. It has shed light on a very complicated subject and has presented true natural solutions to women who had previously thought themselves beyond hope.

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2 Responses to Pregnancy Miracle Review

  1. Debbie on March 7, 2013 at 10:06 am

    Hi Jennifer,

    Nice review, nice site.

    One question which has been bothering me ever since I heard of this ebook and method. If this lady is such a saint that she cares for others, then why does she charge money for the book?


  2. Jennifer Myers on March 7, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    Hi Debbie,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    A couple who has been diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility has already been, by definition, through the whole gamet of testing, which probably cost them already hundreds of dollars if not more, and they are being offered by definition solutions which will cost them another hundreds of dollars if not more. Not to mention IVF which often costs over $10,000. To sell an ebook which has proven itself and has improved the health for many couples for under $50 I think is reasonable.

    Additionally, to take money is not a contradiction to helping someone. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, plumbers, and others take money, and most people feel that the money is well spent. A person invests his time and his money to build up an infrastructure to give of his services, an office, a website, it’s not a contradiction to righteousness to take money for his service or his product.

    Hoping this helps,