Infertility Cures Report

Infertility Cures Report

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Fertility Aid

There are a number of clearly defined problems which prevent a couple from having a baby, period. For example, a lady after a full hysterectomy (where the ovaries were also taken out), cannot have a baby. Similarly for a man. If you don’t have the hardware, so then that’s that.

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I once heard a true story from a clergyman:

A man and woman got married, and after a period of time of trying to get pregnant without success, they decided to to go to a doctor to start testing. After the first battery of tests, they sat down with the doctor to go over the results. The doctor looks through the papers, and then turns to the woman and says to her, “You’re a man!” She admitted that she was born a man, but she had a sex change. The doctor told her “that’s ridiculous, what are you doing here, what did you think, a sex change means that you can have a baby?”

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However, many couples even after testing have no clue why they don’t conceive. “Non-Specific Infertility.” Or many others have borderline results which cause for them infertility. If there were another fertility aid option for these people …

Infertility Success

Out of all the books that I researched for this site, one stands out as being in the front row for its clarity while being informative, innovative, and successful. Real infertility success. The author explains that while the label and stigma of “You Are Infertile” is given to anyone who doesn’t succeed on their own or after “therapy”, in practice the vast majority of these couples can still conceive and have a baby.

The author blends in a very healthy and realistic way the western medical approach together with what can be learned from Chinese medicine and its techniques. You see, the Chinese approach relates to the whole being, to put the whole body back its proper balance, not just to treat one organ. And to clean the body from all the poisons which we’re all used to. This is not just theoretics — many people, including the author herself, managed to have children this way, even when the doctors predicted that they will never have children, that modern medicine has nothing more to offer them. It was this overall imbalance of natural forces that caused the male deficiency or the female deficiency which created the inability to conceive or hold the baby.

This is a system which works.

I know, there are many people, and I’ve spoken to some of them, that say, “No, that’s not for me, I don’t go for all that Eastern mumbo jumbo, I’ll just go it with regular medicine.” I ask them, “But ‘regular medicine’ as you call it, doesn’t have anything more to offer you and predicts that you’re never going to have a baby.”  They say, “Well, there’s always miracles, and besides, modern science is developing all the time.”

To those people I say, “Good luck.” But a normal person with an open mind should consider alternative approaches before giving up, and hearing the genuine infertility success stories of many who have given birth themselves through such strategies. At least you owe it to yourself to hear what she has to say before going for IVF at $12,000 a shot, unless you’re a billionaire.

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